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Wellbeing Service

The Wellbeing Service is comprised of counsellors and wellbeing advisors who provide a range of services to students who are experiencing mental or emotional distress.

This is a free and confidential service offered by the university to support you in your studies and empower you to achieve your potential by addressing some of your personal concerns.

We will try to respond to you promptly and we encourage you to contact us in a timely manner. Accessing our service at an early stage may prevent more serious issues and crises from developing.

We will either help you directly or refer you to the appropriate service, either within the university or to an external agency.

What services do we offer?

Wellbeing advice

Life is full of ups and downs and at times things may become difficult or not go according to plan, you may be missing home, struggling to manage your coursework or feel physically or emotionally unwell. The Wellbeing team is here to help you to find ways of coping with the everyday stresses and strains of life.  Wellbeing Advisors are available throughout the week, for telephone, e-mail and one to one support. We will spend time listening to you and are happy to help in any way we can with practical and personal support, advice and signposting.


People come to see a counsellor for a variety of reasons such as relationship issues, bereavement, anxiety and stress, anger issues, self-image and self-esteem, gender and sexuality, feelings of loneliness and isolation and generalised feelings of unhappiness or depression. A counsellor can support you to understand your difficulties and the way you perceive them and help you to see things more clearly, possibly from a different perspective. Counselling is a way of promoting choice or change or of reducing confusion and it can enable you to make decisions and find more effective ways of coping.  Counselling provides you with a supportive, non judgmental and confidential environment in which to explore any difficulties you are having.

Contacting Us

You can contact us by email, phone, skype or in person at one of our same day sessions.  For details of how to do this, click here.