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Personal Support

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Your personal welfare is an important part of your life at University. Student Life offers a wide range of support to ensure that you feel safe, comfortable and included at Salford.

No matter what your background or situation, Student Life will support you in your choices. Our faith provision offers facilities for Anglican, Christian and Islamic faiths, and also a multi-faith space in University house open to those of all religions or none.

If you are coming to University from care, our Care Leaver Coordinator can help you find your feet. Even before you start at University, you can get help with choosing your course, finding accommodation and filling in all those forms.

Make sure you stay safe on and off campus by reading our security guide. Simple things like using the campus bus and checking your windows when you go out will ensure that nothing spoils your experience of university.

Student Life can help you through the difficult times too. The Harassment and Bullying network offers confidential support for anyone affected by harassment or bullying. We can also support you if you are a victim of crime or hate crime. Whatever you need to talk to someone about, someone at Student Life will listen in confidence.