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Students with Caring Responsibilities

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A carer is someone who provides unpaid care to a partner, child, relative, friend or neighbour who could not manage without this help because of frailty, physical or mental illness, addiction or disability.

One in ten of us have caring responsibilities, so if you are caring for someone whilst studying, we recognise that juggling all of this can be very difficult. Because of this we have developed a policy to ensure that you get the support you need. We are the first university in the country, to offer an indvidual Carer Support Plan, that can be adapted to your needs. We also have Jane, our Carer Support Co-ordinator, to help with any questions you may have. We also have well developed links with local Carer Centres who are also able to support you. 

If this describes your own position, or maybe someone you know, we hope you will find these pages helpful. 

There are a number of local and national organisations specialising in support for carers. Carers UK  is a national charity with up to date information and advice on:

Support available if you live in Salford can be found at:

Local organisations will be able to advise on the support available outside of Salford and the services you can expect from your local authority. Local details can be found by clicking here.

If you would like to find out more about University support, or can’t find the help you are looking for, please contact the Carer Support Co-ordinator on