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Sanctuary Seeking Students

Sanctuary Students

Applying and studying at university can be a challenge for any student, but for those who are seeking sanctuary or been granted refugee status in the UK, there can be many legal and emotional challenges as well. This is why the University of Salford works in partnership with local and national organisations, to ensure that we can offer effective support for these students.

All sanctuary seeking students, those with humanitarian protection and those with refugee status (not just Article 26 students) can talk to our specialist student adviser by using the link on the right to book an appointment.

Article 26 - Scholarship    APPLICATIONS CLOSED

To apply for the 2017-18 'Article 26 Scholarship Awards ' please read the guidance notes carefully, paying particular attention to the eligibility criteria and guidance on completing the application form. Applications for the academic year 17/18 closed on Friday 19 May at 5pm.

Note - you need an offer from the University of Salford via UCAS before applying for the scholarship, you can apply for a University place by clicking here


InterLINK Mentoring Scheme

InterLINK is a mentoring scheme for students who were not born in the UK and will introduce you to an InterLINK mentor who is a student from the UK or has been living in the UK for more than three years. InterLINK can arrange an email relationship with a mentor prior to your arrival at Salford. Your mentor will answer your questions about studying at Salford. When you arrive at the University you will have the opportunity to have regular face to face meetings with your mentor.

InterLINK is an excellent way to make friends at University and we encourage you to apply.

For more information about InterLINK click here.

If you have any questions about the Article 26 Scholarship Award please contact Arron Pile, Student & Graduate Diversity Officer, askUS, University House at or Tel: 0161 295 0023