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InterLINK for International Students

InterLINK is now open for new International Students!

Sometimes it can be difficult coming to a new country and leaving friends and family behind. It can be hard getting used to different places and different ways of doing things. Being in a new place isn’t always easy.

Are you new or coming to Salford this year? Does this sound like you? Then InterLink might be just what you’re looking for. InterLINK is a way of introducing you to another student who knows about living in the UK and being a student at Salford.

InterLINK ‘mentors’ are home students (students from the UK) who can give international students friendly advice and support and help them to get used to living and studying here at Salford.

If you would like to be introduced to an InterLINK mentor, or if you are a home student who would like to become an InterLINK mentor, then keep reading!

 InterLINK offers two types of mentoring:

  1. For international students who are already in the UK and study at Salford: We will match you up with a mentor who you will be able to meet face to face and email.
  2. For future international students prior to their arrival at Salford: InterLINK will arrange an email relationship with a mentor before you arrive in the UK. Your mentor will answer your questions concerning your stay in the UK and studying at Salford University. When you arrive you will have the opportunity to meet your mentor.