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Frequently Asked Questions

What Support does Disability and Learner Support offer?

  • A confidential one to one meeting with a Disability Adviser where a Student Support Plan can be created, which details your individual needs and reasonable recommendations for support during your studies.
  • Help to apply for Disabled Student Allowance (DSA), if you are eligible.
  • A Specific Learning Difficulties (SpLD) screening appointment and a full Educational Psychologist assessment where needed.
  • Support for disabled International and EU Students.
  • Advice and support for queries or changes that may arise during the course of your studies.
  • A Quick Query service for you if you have questions about your support.

Is support available if I have a temporary injury?

If you have a temporary injury (for example, a broken leg) which is affecting your studies, you can make an appointment with us to discuss a Temporary Student Support Plan.

What is Medical Evidence and why do I need to provide it?

Medical Evidence will be required Medical Evidence is a letter from your GP (or other health professional) which lets us and the DSA assessors know about your disability/mental health need/medical condition. The Letter is needed to apply for DSA and for putting in place your Student Support Plan. You will need to ask your GP, or other health professional for this letter and give it to us as soon as possible. Without this letter your support will not be put in place. So your GP knows what to include in letter you can give them this Medical Evidence Template

What is a Student Support Plan?

A student support plan is a document that details recommendations for your support and will include exam provision, lecture format and tutor support amongst other areas

How do I get exam support, such as extra time?

Exam support will be discussed with you at a Student Support Plan meeting. Depending on your needs, the relevant exam arrangements will be recommended. Your School will arrange this support automatically, once your Student Support Plan has been distributed. If you want to discuss this further, please contact us.

I have met with a Disability Adviser, how do I make an interim equipment loan request?

Follow this link to make a request Interim Equipment Loan Request

What is Disabled Students' Allowance?

Disabled Students' Allowance (DSA) helps to pay for disability related additional costs you have to pay when studying for your course. The allowances can help with the cost of a support worker, items of specialist equipment and technology, travel and other course related costs. Not all students are eligible for this; please contact us and visit out funding for your support page for further information.

Do I have to apply for DSA?

You don't have to apply for DSA, however (if you are eligible) it is advisable, as there is support available. Also you will be unable to get interim support if you do not apply for DSA.

Do I need to reapply for DSA each academic year?

You need to contact Student Finance England or (relevant funding body) before the start of each academic year and fill in a PR1 form (to confirm you are returning to University for the next academic year) to continue to receive funding for your support. You will need to reapply every year if you are a part-time or post graduate student

I have received a letter from my funding body asking me to arrange a Needs Assessment. How do I arrange this?

Once you receive this letter, please scan and email it to or bring a copy of it to Disability & Learner Support as soon as possible. You can find and contact your local assessment centre via

What is a DSA Needs Assessment?

This is a meeting which is external to the University with a DSA Needs Assessor to discuss and make recommendations related to your DSA application (i.e. support which incurs a cost). You will discuss strategies for support. This might include ergonomic furniture, assistive software or nonmedical helper support such as a note taker, study coach, study buddy etc.


Explore Manchester Aspergers Social Group

Over 25s Pub Night Aspergers Social Group


Manchester and Salford Student Autistic Spectrum Conditions Social Group meets every Friday at University of Manchester, University Place 1-1.45pm.  For more information contact your Disability Adviser.

How do I change the background colour on my computer?

Useful resources for study skills  This guide was produced by Educational Guidance Service, our Educational Psychologist provider.  It is list of useful websites and resources that can be used to help develop study strategies.

Alternative voices for text to speech software

My Study Bar  A free and useful toolbar with 15 apps of accessible software including electronic post its, mind mapping, screen reading and diary systems.