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Academic Appeals

Students have the right to appeal against any decision of the Board of Examiners. An appeal can be submitted on one or more of the following grounds:

a. Personal mitigating circumstances where, for good reason, the Board of Examiners was not made aware of a significant factor relating to the assessment of a student through the Personal Mitigating Circumstances Procedure when it made its original decision;

b. there has been a procedural irregularity in the assessment process;

c. the Board of Examiners/Postgraduate Research Award Board has acted in a way which is manifestly unreasonable. In this context, unreasonable shall be taken to mean perverse, i.e. the decision was not a possible conclusion that a similar meeting of the Board of Examiners/Postgraduate Research Award Board might have reached.

Useful Links:

Academic Appeals Procedure

Frequently Asked Questions

Link to Academic Appeals Form (select Academic Appeals Form – stage 1)

If you wish to lodge an appeal, you must do so by completing and submitting the Stage 1 Academic Appeals Form with any evidence , no later than 14 days after the publication of your results, to the Quality and Enhancement Office, University of Salford, M5 4WT or via

Please note that being dissatisfied with your results does not constitute grounds for an appeal.  Independent advice on this process can be sought via the Students’ Union.