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Exams & Assessments

Personal Mitigating Circumstances (PMC)

You can find out information about how you submit a PMC via the our self service portal here.

Academic Appeals 

Students have the right to appeal against any decision of the Board of Examiners. Find out more information about academic appeals here.

If you wish to lodge an appeal, you must do so by submitting your appeal in writing, no later than 14 days after the publication of your results, to the Quality and Enhancement Office, University of Salford, M5 4WT or via

Please note that being dissatisfied with your results does not constitute grounds for an appeal

Individual Needs for Exams

If you are a student who has a disability and believe that you should be entitled to examination arrangements, you should make yourself known to the Disability Service as soon as possible. The Disability Service will assess your individual circumstances and advise the Assessments team of any arrangements that should be made.

Arrangements such as extra time, readers, amanuenses, word processors or a separate room may be available to you.

If your exam timetable is incorrect or you have not recieved your exam timetable/exam concession please contact your School office in the first instance.

Remember it is your responsibility to ensure that the necessary examination arrangements are in place before you take your examinations